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About Us

What is Positivity Party?

Positivity Party is a creative hub geared to celebrate individualism and embrace unique experiences.  Through creatives with global mindsets, we can change world views.  Authenticity and purpose is what expedites cultural revolutions and it starts with young artists. Positivity Party aims to gather like-minded young people who emanate honestly and a desire for something better.  Positivity Party highlights their talents so that we can gain inspiration from one another.  Sacred Space is an extension of these connections that are lacking in Atlanta for youth to fill that void.

Our Vision

Sacred Space is the initial exhibit to begin connecting young artists in a professional art gallery space, organized by teenagers.  Sacred Space aims to inspire Atlanta teen artists and arts advocates in the Atlanta metropolitan area to unite as one in an all-inclusive community event.  Sacred Space provides teens a platform for creative expression by showcasing their creative efforts in literary, performing and visual arts.  Teens are able to come together in an inclusive social gathering which encourages unique expression. 

Photo by Zelle Westfall

Sacred Space Mission

Our mission is to bring young artists together to explore their creative talents and express themselves freely without judgment.  There are so many artists that have felt the pressure to move to Los Angeles or New York to explore their creative pursuits, but we have so many innovative individuals and resources right here.  This event creates a community so that teens do not feel alone in environments that can’t always tailor to their individual ways of thinking and expression.

Photo by Zelle Westfall

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Date:  April 22, 2018

Time:  12:00PM - 5:00PM

Center for Civil and Human Rights

100 Ivan Allen Jr Boulevard NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30313, United States

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