Mimi's Artist Statement

I am a photographer based out of Atlanta who shoots with both digital and analog methods. I strive to take a creative angle on simple things that might often get overlooked, so I try to make my viewer appreciate even the mundane aspects of life.

Sarah's Artist Statement

Sarah Followill is a 17 year old student at the Lovett School who has had a passion for art for as long as she can remember. Her visual art medium of choice is ceramics (although she has experience with drawing as well), and she recently opened an etsy shop for her pottery, called OaktreeCeramics. Her mission as an artist is to inspire viewers to think deeper about themselves and the topics that she has presented within her art.

Kadijat's Artist Statement

I’m attending Campbell High School and I’m graduating this year. As for my work, I like to catch people’s facial expressions in my art. I enhance by using different mediums to have their features pop out more.

Briana's Artist Statement

I am a visual artist in all mediums graduating from Campbell High School this year.

Serenity's Statement

I’m serenity, and i create art using fake flowers to represent our mother in (many!) different forms. 

Al-Malik's Artist Statement

I am a reserved, somewhat odd type of person. I usually prefer art with a more melancholic and/or eerie feel towards it. My piece represents me in my sleep and experiencing Lucid Dreams. This allows me to do the things i would not to be able to do in real life (talking to my sub-conscience, flying etc.) that i wanted to do way back when i was a kid.

Mackenzie's Artist Statement

I love to paint because it helps me forget the intense stress of everyday life, and I can just let the brush glide over the canvas.

Montana's Artist Statement

My name is Montana Dickerson and I am a thirteen year old artist from Atlanta, GA. I create in many different mediums, for my art style is an ever evolving part of my being. Lately I've been working mainly in ink and marker, and my pieces are inspired by my emotions and political views.

Sofia Sonera

I'm 16 years old from Newnan Ga. I like pictures and people and pictures of people. Film photography is my favorite medium to shoot in because I feel like it captures a split second in time and takes time to age till I can see it 3 weeks later. 

Kaia's Artist Statement

The fusion of human images and the natural world is the focus of my work currently.  In order to fully encompass this fusion, my paintings include images of humans who have become one with their natural surroundings.  The juxtaposition of the two can sometimes be beautiful or sometimes frightening, and it is always captivating to me.  I choose to use oil and acrylic to express these ideas.  The human subjects displayed in my paintings are primarily women.  Women are givers of  life and the sustainers of life. This important purpose women have in the world make them the ideal subjects for me.